Educating and Improving Cancer Prevention

Patient Accommodation 

For many country families, a diagnosis of cancer within the family not only means the devastation of dealing with the news, but also relocating the family for treatment.

Loss of income from time off work coupled with the costs of finding accommodation near the treating hospital can mean that these families become financially crippled or simply can't cope.


We plan to develop a network of houses and apartments in the capital cities across Australia where the need is greatest, to provide these families with a private, self-contained residence whre the whole family can stay and provide the necessary emotional, physical and mental support for both the cancer patient and one another.


We will also seek a series of residences that can be used by families immediately following a course of treatment to allow for recuperation and relaxation before returning to normal life. Cancer treatment can be stressful and unpleasant for the whole family, and having a chance to recuperate for a week in a pleasant, relaxing environment can be of great benefit to all concerned, and renew or strengthen the family bonds.


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